Watch Me

***Warning, this has XXX material.  If you do not wish to read XXX material, please hit the back button your browser.  Thank you.***

I love the sight, the smell
The taste and feel; the spell
The experience of your sex
So much better than my ex
Tuning my body with those hands
Exploring all my forbidden lands
Touching me inside and out
Make me drip like a water spout
So far, so deep inside
Just enjoy and let me ride
Beneath me, you'll be pinned
Feel my body take you in
Grip my hips, pull me down
You're so hard, so big around
Watch me take every inch of you
Watch everything that I do
Watch my fingers play and tease
So eager, just want to please
Arch my back to hit the spot
Go ahead, give it all you got
Fuck you faster, start to cum
Squeeze you hard, you come undone
We collapse in ecstasy
Loving you, Loving me.


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