Strip Tease Seduction

Today was a great day. Today my divorce was final. I had married at a young age and stayed married for eleven years. Last week I had turned 31. I was still young but I could feel time sneaking up on me.

Brad, my now ex-husband, had always made me feel ugly. I knew otherwise now. I left him over a year ago. I’d started taking yoga and now had the body of a fit twenty year old.

I had the classic blonde hair and blue eyes but that didn’t quite cover it. The blonde hair fell to the middle of my back in soft waves. In dim light it looked dark blonde, dishwater, but in the right lighting it looked gold. Natural gold highlights that I had done everything to get rid of. No matter what color I dyed my hair they always showed through. I had the light skin tone that went with both light and dark colors but nothing in between. It got too expensive so I was back to being gold blonde.

Even my eyes weren’t just blue, though most people don’t look past the glasses. My eyes are the grayish blue of stormy skies but with a bright grass green around the pupil. Sometimes my eyes were more green than blue and vise versa. Depended on my mood.

I was the tallest woman in my family. I’m 5 ft 7 inches. That’s taller than the other five women. I took after my mom in the looks department but as for body build and height? I took after dad. Dad worked in mills all his life before retiring. He’s 6 ft 2 inches and built like a pro football player.

Though my body was fit, I’d never be a size 5. I was blessed with broad shoulders and hips. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got curves and that much sought after hour glass figure but I’ve got muscle too. Plagued with big boobs, I always seemed to have the problem with guys making eye contact.

I was having that same problem now. Buzz the vampire kept his eyes on my chest while he checked my I.D. I guess being dead didn’t stop you from being male.

I’d decided to celebrate my divorce by coming to Guilty Pleasures. It was their opening night. I’d known Buzz from a bar a couple blocks down called The Red Rose. I’d been in there a few times with Brad, Buzz had been the bartender then. He knew I was more than old enough.

“Jessica Davidson, nice to see you again.” He stared at my breasts as he said it. Wearing a royal blue low cut halter top, they showed perfectly. But what the hell, I was celebrating right?

“Same to you Buzz.” I really couldn’t stand him but if it got me out of the cool September night I could be nice. I wore a short black mini skirt' with my favorite knee high suede boots. Not cold weather clothes but I had my leather coat draped over my arm if it got too cold. “And please, it’s Jesse. Only my mother and my ex call me Jessica.”

He smiled, flashing fang and handed back my I.D. “Enjoy the show. Drinks are half price tonight. Just tell them you’re a friend of Buzz and you’ll get a free one, on me.” He smiled wider. I think he meant it to be sexy but Buzz was not handsome, it only made him more ugly.

I took a table near the stage just as the lights went out. A woman at the table next to mine screamed, half in fear, half anticipation. Other could be heard throughout the club echoing her. A voice came out of the darkness. It seemed to be everywhere but nowhere. It was a voice of smooth velvet, of whispers in the dark, dangerous but thrilling at the same time.
“Welcome to Guilty Pleasures. We are here to serve you. To make your most intimate desires come true.” His voice was like silk on my skin.

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to feel my breath upon your skin? My lips upon your neck. The sweet, sharp pain of fangs. Your blood flowing into my veins. Sharing your life with me. Knowing that my heart truly could not beat without you. That I could not live without your embrace.”

I felt as if he were speaking to me. I felt his words on my body like an old lover. When he spoke I felt his breath on my nipples making them tingle and harden. I felt his lips on my neck caressing, teasing. When I felt his fangs pierce my skin I was instantly wet. When he stopped speaking, the feeling of his presence faded, leaving me very hot, very bothered and breathing just a touch too hard.

Dark, provocative music started playing. I turned my attention to the stage, barely visible as a blue light went from dim to brighter. In the middle of the stage stood the most beautiful man I’d ever seen. He wore an antique lace shirt the same color as my own, royal blue. Black form fitting pants and stylish black . He wore a black cloak complete with hood. I don't know what made me say beautiful, the hood covered his face in darkness but he was. He was beautiful. There was a pause in the music like the calm before a storm.

The music pulsed back to life and suddenly the cloak was gone. It was there, then it wasn’t. The music pulsed slow, sensual, like really good sex.

The vampire lifted his head, looked out at the crowd before his gaze rested on me. He smiled mischievously and it was melt in your mouth sexy.

His eyes were deep blue, set off by the vivid blue of his shirt, framed by the paleness of his skin and the darkness of his hair in long lazy waves to his shoulders.

His eyes stayed locked on mine but his body started moving. His body became the very rhythm and beat of the song. His hips, his shoulders, his body. Everything moved. It was graceful but held that threat of violence. It was like watching a great cat stalk it’s prey. Sexy and dangerous. He slowly danced his way to the edge of the stage, in front of my table.

My heart leapt to my throat and my pulse sped, my body thrummed.

His long fingered hands went to his shirt while his hips kept swaying, slowly thrusting. His eyes bore into mine making what he did seem more intimate than it should have been.

He gripped both sides of the shirt and tore, throwing his head back as if in ecstasy. The shirt fell away, exposing pale skin. He dropped to his knees on the stage. He leaned his body back, showing me a smooth expanse of hard, muscled flash. Hard flat abs and pecks. I had an incredible urge to kiss, lick and nibble my way down that pale flesh. The thought made things low in my body grow tight.

His body began to gyrate. His hips thrust upward and down, slowly to the music. His movements brought my eyes to his hands. His hands started running across his chest then stomach, then lower. My breath caught as his hands passed over the bulge in his pants, then eased as they moved to his thighs.

The music took on an almost violent quality, pulsing, throbbing like my own body. He moved faster, rotating and thrusting his hips. Using his whole body with the movement. Using all those wonderfully toned muscles. He took two handfuls of fabric and pulled. The pants fell away from his body and I was left staring at his groin, thrusting. The tight blue bikini briefs left nothing for the imagination. I could see the shape of him pressed against the tight fabric and my mouth watered.

I met his eyes and the show was all for me. I felt need so hot I was burning with it.

He lifted a hand and crooked a finger at me. I went to him. I could do nothing else. He went to all fours, then flat to his stomach. He kept his eyes on mine as his hips lifted, then pushed himself against the stage in mock intercourse. My body ached to be underneath him. He rolled onto his back with his head hanging off the stage. His hips rotated faster, keeping time with the music.

He reached out, grabbing my hands, pulling me to him. The stage hit me about belly button high. With his head hanging off his mouth was almost even with my groin. He held my hands in his, drawing them to his chest and lower to his stomach. I felt his mouth touch my lower stomach in a gentle kiss through my skirt. I explored his chest and stomach with my fingers, finding a cross shaped burn scar. I brushed finger tips along his sides as his hips still thrusted to the music. I ran my hands over his lower stomach as he kissed lower on me.

The music was coming near the end. You could hear the climax building. His body moved with it, faster and faster. At just the right moment he pushed my hands lower onto him, he was hard, so hard, he kissed almost between my legs and the music gave one final pulse. The lights suddenly blacked out and I stood there fighting to keep my feet under me.

He let go of my hands and was suddenly standing next to me. I couldn’t see him but I could feel him. He encircled my waist with his arm and leaned into me.

“Will you come with me?” He whispered with his face buried in my hair as the audience screamed and applauded.

I let out a shaky breath and whispered back, “Yes, God yes.”

He lifted me and carried me away from the stage.


He had me pressed against the wall of some room with the lights off. He held my hands above my head as he kissed my neck. Shivers ran up and down my spine at the touch of his lips. He pressed his body against mine and his cock dug into my lower abdomen, hard but not hurting, bringing a gasp from my throat.

He let go of my hands to grab my legs. He lifted them and I wrapped both arms and legs around him. The feeling of my body wrapped around this vampire only made me want him more.

I kissed him, opening my mouth to his tongue. Our tongues danced, fast, deep. I felt a sharp pain then tasted blood. He made a sound low in his throat then thrust against me. The feel of him with nothing but two thin pieces of fabric between us was almost enough to spill me over.

He broke the kiss and said in a voice gone raspy, “Non, ma charie. Not yet. I will taste you, all of you, before this night is over.”

He carried me to a bed, then turned on a small light on the night .

On stage he’d been beautiful. Up close he was breathtaking. I lay on my back watching as his hands reached up behind my neck. He untied the halter top and slowly began to peel it down my body. When my breasts spilled out he moaned and lowered himself to take a nipple in his mouth.

His tongue flicked out. A quick wetness that hardened my nipple again. His lips covered my nipple, his tongue rolling over and over it. He sucked it and I felt the press of fangs. He nibbled, making me writhe beneath his mouth. He bit down gently and I cried out. He sucked and licked the little bit of blood away.

He gave my other breast the same treatment without drawing blood. By the time he was finished I was soaked, shaking, wanting him more than I’d ever wanted anything before. I wanted him inside me. I ached to hold his wonderful hard cock inside me.

I reached for him, reached for his cock. He held my hand away and wagged his finger back and forth, making a tsk tsk sound.

“Do not be so eager to have your pleasure, ma cherie. Just relax and enjoy. You will be satisfied, I promise you.” He smiled seductively.

His hands went to my thighs, slowly inching up, pushing the skirt higher and higher until my black satin thong showed dark against the paleness of my skin. My breath held as he touched me through the panties.

“You are wonderfully wet ma cherie.” He whispered.

“I know.” I whispered back, letting my breath out in a long sigh.

He pulled the thong down my legs and I let him. Once it was gone he spread my legs gently and laid between them. His hard cock pressed against my wetness making me shiver with the knowledge that only one piece of cloth kept him from entering me. I wanted to take off the briefs and have him. Naked skin against mine.

He kissed me. Gentle at first. Softly. Then the kiss grew to something more. He kissed me as if he were eating me alive. Deep, hard, bruising kisses and I wanted more.

He kissed and nibbled down my body until he stopped between my legs. He wrapped his arms under my legs and around my hips, drawing his face closer, he kissed my inner thigh. Light feathery kisses.

At the first touch of his tongue on such intimate places, I thought I’d go mad. He licked me in long sure strokes, then he found just the right spot and sucked. It felt so good. It was almost too much. Almost pain. Then he slipped a finger inside me and the warmth that had been building exploded over me and made it just right. A wave of pleasure rolled over me, bowing my spine, making me cry out.

As the last of the orgasm faded he kissed me and pressed against me. It made me cry out again but my noises were lost against his mouth.

I felt the tip of him against my opening and realized he’d taken off the briefs. He pushed himself into me slowly. It was a tight fit. He worked himself into me until he was all the way inside. He filled me completely. He drew himself almost all the way out then stopped, looking at me. His eyes were deep blue flames, glowing, beautiful. I felt myself falling into those eyes and it felt good, really good.

He slammed himself into me and I was back to writhing beneath him. He caught a brutal rhythm, shoving every inch inside me. I raised my hips to his and together we kept that rhythm. His hands went from my hips to my breasts. He played with my nipples while we fucked each other. I felt that warmth growing inside me again. Every thrust, every cares made me grow tight around him.

He felt it and laid his body on top of mine. He kissed me as I wrapped my legs around him. I gasped against his mouth. It was deeper this way. Made him fell larger than he was. It also meant that his cock brushed over my g-spot. With every thrust he brushed himself over it again and again. The orgasm built inside me. Filling me up with warmth and pleasure.

His lips brushed my neck and I knew what he wanted. I titled my head for a better angle and when the orgasm took me, spilled me over that shining edge, he struck. The pain was short and sweet, soon lost in the power of the orgasm. His mouth locked on my neck sucking and it amplified the orgasm. Sending wave after wave of pleasure through my body. I felt him tense a second before he came, spilling himself hot and thick inside me. The sensation only made me cum harder, my body bucking, my nails digging into his back. We both screamed as the orgasm took us to a place I’d never been before. Made us boneless, scattered us to the wind, then let us float back to ourselves.

We laid like that. Entwined in each others arms while we relearned how to breathe. When I could finally talk I said, “My name’s Jesse. What’s yours?”

“Jean-Claude and it has been an honor to share the pleasure of your company.” He smiled, slow, lazy, sexy.

I laughed, “Trust me Jean-Claude, the pleasure’s all mine.”

The next morning I woke to the sound of the phone ringing. It was my best friend, Danielle.

“Oh Dee, wait til you hear what happened to me last night.” I sighed and laid back, thinking how wonderful it would be to become JeanClaude’s vampire slave.


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