L'Amour de la Mort

"So anyway, I was standing there, trying to help this guy out and he was staring at my chest the whole time."

"Ma petite, are you saying this is something new?" His eyes sparkled with barely held back laughter.

"What are you trying to say Jean Claude?" Sometimes I hated it when he laughed at me but he always seemed to be doing it.

"Are you not blessed ma petite?"

"Well I wouldn't say that I'm small in the boob department but why can't guys just look me in the eye when they talk to me?" He laughed this time. I was always making him laugh. "Glad I could be your amusement."

"Ma petite, I could think of far better ways for you to amuse me." There was something other than laughter in his eyes. Need.

"Jean Claude, you see there's my point. You're thinking of sex now, and now you've got me thinking about it. But at least you're still looking at my eyes." He smiled that lazy sexy smile that always melted me to my toes. "God you can be such a booger sometimes." That made him laugh even more.

"Ah, ma petite, you shall be the death of me some day."

"You can count on it." I smiled and winked at him. He was wearing a dark dark blue shirt. One that showed his chest very well. I could see that little cross shaped burn and I wanted to run my tongue over it. I wanted to kiss that smooth expanse of skin showing between the cloth. I had always loved that shirt because it matched his eyes, but now I was enjoying it for a completely different reason.

Jean Claude laughed, "Ma petite, I think the tables have turned. Now who is it that is not looking in the eyes when she speaks?"

"Are you kidding me? Jean Claude who always looks like he stepped out of a Playgirl magazine? How could I look you in the eyes when there's so much more to look at? And don't tell me you don't enjoy the attention."

"But it is not your eyes that I wish to enjoy. It is your body that I must have the attention of." Jean Claude always had a pretty voice but when he wanted, he had the power to turn his voice into sex. He chose now to do so and it felt like warm soft fur rubbing the insides of every intimate part of my body, bringing a soft gasp to my lips.

"Stop that."

"Stop what? What is it that I am doing?" He gave me his innocent look. When you're a vampire it's hard to look innocent. Hell when you're an adult it's hard to look innocent, he wasn't pulling it off.

"You know what. And don't play innocent. You are far from innocent." His hands came up to his shirt and I watched them. He started unbuttoning his shirt, slowly. I reached out and stopped his hands.

"Oh no you don't. I'm talking to you."

"And what is it, ma petite, that we were talking about?" And to that I had no answer. I just couldn't remember what we had been talking about. He always did that to me. Made me forget what I was thinking. I looked at his face, he was looking smug like a well fed cat.

"Fine, you're right. I don't know what we were talking about. Happy?"

"Oui, I am always happy to know the affect I have on you."

I reached out to his hands and slowly lowered them to his sides. I grabbed each side of the openening on his shirt and pulled. Buttons flew in every direction and soon I was looking at his pale smooth chest.

He just sat there, waiting. He knew I wanted to be in control and he was letting me. I knew this. He was letting me because anything else and he would've been in command. When you're a vampire it's easy. You're stronger and faster.

I bent down and flicked my tongue across his scar. I licked it slowly, using tonge and teeth. I kissed his chest working my way up to his neck. I bit down lightly and he gasped. I bit down harder and he moaned. I straddled his lap and grabbed a hand full of that wonderful, soft, dark hair. I kissed him like he was air and I couldn't breathe. Hard, deep, and fast.

"That is what you do to me. And it will never change." I said breaking the kiss. I stood up and walked from the room, hearing his laughter as I shut the door.


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